• Soul Sister, do you have a deep desire within to join other like-minded powerful Goddesses on your journey?

    If you are nodding you head saying "YES" we must be unicorn soul sisters! I know that I have personally walked alone for the majority of my spiritual journey and it sucked. When I did find a community that I thought was my vibe, it was just smoke and mirrors hiding the truth that some spiritual people like to gossip, play petty games, talk about this quote-unquote amazing lifestyle which creates lower energy vibrations, ego, jealousy, and vengeance. (7 deadly sins, huh?)


    No, Thank You. I am sick and tired of the mean girls in the spiritual community. There is a new paradigm of women's empowerment and leadership. I am going to change that. Also, I noticed a pattern hosting new and full moon healing circles for the past 6 years.


    1) It is hard to hold yourself accountable to do sacred ritual daily/monthly

    2) Everyone wants to activate their abundance but fail to do the deep inner work by releasing. ( I mean we all want abundance but we can only truly be open to receive if we look at our core energy blocks and release them )

    3) Results happen when you complete a full moon cycle which means journeying for 1 full month.


    I have a solution, instead of one month because honestly, you will not be able to sustain this momentum. I promise I tested this for 5 years. We will gather around the fire pit, sharing stories, creating sacred space and healing for us to awaken the divine feminine power within.


    This implementation learning course is unlike anything out there. We will spend 90 days exploring our deepest desires, remove any blocks that get in our way from truly stepping up and becoming the divine energy goddess that we are.


    I am ready to connect with you Gorgeous Goddess!!!! Scroll down to enroll in September-November Temple

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  • Goddess Energy Temple Course Outline

    Next Temple starts Sept 2017

    Walk through the fire of your burning desires together as a community. This is a virtual course with live training + recordings of the calls.

    • Goddess Initiation Call 
    • 6~90 Minute Connection calls 
    • 3~90 Minute New Moon Abundance Rituals hosted on the New Moon every month
    • 3~90 Minute Full Moon Releasing Rituals hosted on the Full Moon Every Month
    • Support and accountability in a Private FB community
    • BONUSES: 
    • Weekly energy boost meditations
    • Weekly Check Ins
    • Surrender & Release Full Moon Toolkit
    • Manifesting Abundance Toolkit
    • Energy Activation Workouts 
    • Manifest Your Dream Life Manifesto E-Book
    • Guest Speakers to be announced 

    Goddess Energy Temple Initiation

    Awareness Phase=Connecting to your soul sisters + Bonus initiation ceremony 3 calls per month

    3~90 min Goddess Calls. We meet on the first of every month to reflect and share our journey with each other.

    New Moon Abundance Ritual

    Activation Phase=Learn ancient manifesting techniques to activate your Abundance Factor

    3 New Moon Energy Activation Calls

    Every New Moon we will gather around the fire pit and create sacred space for manifesting our dream life into reality.

    Full Moon Surrender & Release Healing Circle

    Release Phase=Let go of the inner chatter and control over you and work with it. 3 Full Moon

    Releasing Calls.

    Full Moon releasing is the secret sauce, however not the easiest but the most transformational. We meet every full moon to hold sacred healing space.

    Additional Support

    Weekly Gatherings to check in and receive additional support

    Every other week when we are not doing ritual work with the moons we will gather and check in with each other.

    Weekly Meditations

    Weekly Meditations

    Special Guest Teachers

    To Be announced, think personal developement and astrology ;)

  • Love Notes from Clients

    Jessica Lynn Cook

    Blue Status Younique Presenter​ & Guiding Light Coach

    I have struggled with not feeling good enough or worthy for as long as I can remember. When I took Maureen Saladino’s Mercury Retrograde Program, my whole life changed. I was able to recognize my limiting beliefs and actions and work on ways to overcome my inner Diva Bitch. Not only had this helped me be happier as a person, it had helped me branch out and grow in my business life. I am finally living my life’s purpose and being successful at it. I am signing up for every program Maureen offers. Her down to earth, sassy personality is exactly what I connect with and learn from. Thank you for giving me the tools to change my life, Maureen!   Jessica Lynn Cook

    Jennifer Russel

    Motivational Speaker & Women's Empowerment Coach​

    This was my first time working with anyone one on one and also taking a course which is completely out of my comfort zone but the ABSOLUTE best decision I have ever made.  I literally used the last money I had in my account at the time and bit the bullet and took the course.  What I received in return was 1,000 times more than the amount I paid!!!!  I felt so at home and safe with her and her guidance.Investing in myself was the most rewarding gift I could have given myself and am forever grateful for all the amazing knowledge, lessons, talks, help and love received by Maureen. ~Jennifer Russell

    Kylie Marie Doyle

    Motivational Speaker, Author and Spiritual Warrior

    I am so happy-sad that we are having our last call together. You women have really changed my life. The support has been incredible, healing, and transformational. I can't imagine not having these last 90 days together. You guys have truly come into your own and Goddess Energy Temple is something else entirely. This is such an incredible space to manifest group change. Maureen guided and pushed us to our limits with love in order to lead us to our catalyst moments.

    So much knowledge and wisdom was imparted on us. Some we will not fully understand until the time comes to use it. I am proud of you all. I am honored to be a part of this temple. I am humbled to have experienced the intense change and growth inside myself. Thank you Goddesses. Thank you Maureen Saladino. Thank you Universe

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  • Your Teacher & Guide



    Hello, Everyone!

    I am Maureen Saladino, The Energy Goddess, I am super excited to be your teacher. I believe energy is everything, and there is a way to tap into this universal energy force. Together we can heal this planet and make positive change

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